"Works of Love are Works of Peace." Mother Teresa of Calcutta
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Look at the person you care for and see the face of God.


Holy Cross Nursing Assistant Education, 

Where you are not just a number, but

An important contributor to our Program.

We are a small private career school close to-

 Junction City/Eugene/Springfield, Lebanon/Corvallis/Albany

Learning, growing, healing with the compassion of Christ. 

 Our Students are in demand at all facilities in the area including SHMC Hospital at Riverbend! 

  Cost of Books included in Tuition

Cost of CPR Class included in Tuition  

Clinical Practice @ Avamere in JC or Eugene Rehab. (10 Days)

We will continue our clinical practice for CNA 2 at the SHMC at Riverbend. Many of our former students have been and continue to be hired by SHMC. Thank you again for all your assistance through the years. Our CNA 2 class will continue as usual to do clinical practice on OHVI IV and V t and we look forward to conrinue working with the patients and staff of both units.


 State Exam 1st time pass rate January 1, 2013-January 1, 2014 was 95% 

Students test where they train.

For those who are employed at a long term care center/nursing home within a year of completing the program and being certified,

your tuition and state board exam fees will be reimbused over a year's time by the facility.        

CNA 2 -12 day class also available,  beginning April 2015. As the class is longer and skills have been added, we are increasing our tuition to $800 with a $50 discount to any returning students.

Welcome to our web site.  Holy Cross is an Oregon State Board of Nursing approved nursing assistant education program.  We have a 30 Day course with clinical practice at Avamere Rehab of Junction City or Avamere Rehab of Eugene. We hold periodic clinical practices in Corvallis Manor, in Corvallis. Our class size is small 10-12 students. You can locate a current schedule of our classes on the curriculum page. Early registration is encouraged as we usually have full classes.  Students do attend full time, days. In 2015 we will hold CNA 2 classes every other month. Our registration process and tuition is explained below.  We hope you find what you are looking for. Our Students have a high first time pass rate with the Oregon State Board of Nursing on their State Exam.  We expect our students to study and turn assignments in completed and on time.
Tuition:for NA I students is $1195
 Tuition Covers:   
                  a. Books (textbook, workbook, binder)
                  b. CPR class AHA BLS for the Healthcare Provider  (CPR Certification).
              cRegistration fee of $125 is non refundable but also included in total tuition. (Subtract $125 and balance due one week prior to start of                         class is $1070)
Other Fees: Student is responsible for additional fees listed here and not included in tuition they are:
          a. Scrubs, navy blue price depends on where purchased and your preference, can be $30 or less.
          b. Shoes if needed, should be comfortable sneakers prefered, no open toe or heals, no crocks, can be black, navy blue or white.
          c. Stethoscope or BP Cuff are optional, prices vary. Can also be purchased on-line.
          d. Fees for State Board Exam of $106 for exam and $52 for fingerprint processing are student's resonsibility.
          e. Fees for obtaining vaccine records, or titer, or booster shots are also the responsibility of the student.
          f. Fees for the criminal background check and the drug screening of $85 are the responsibility of the student. 
 You are requested to bring something to drink and snack, and a lunch. You may eat lunch out but you will still have only 30 minutes unless we add 15 min break to make it 45 min, so it might be wise to purchase your lunch and eat it in the classroom. You must purchase your own drinks as well and bring to the class.  For Clinical practice sessions in the nursing center, please bring your lunch as you are not allowed to leave the building! When in clinical rotation in the hospital (CNA 2 Students) you may purchase your lunch there, or bring your lunch. 
 The Holy Cross Instructors care about you, and want you to experience the art, science, and spirit of the nursing assistant vocation. We want you to know that the inspiration that keeps drawing you to this profession is a call to serve those who have little or nothing, the poorest of the poor. 
Our school is not church affiliated and welcome all who wish to enter the nursing field, or some other medical field or to take the class and just find out if this is a calling for you. Does this type of work suit you? Are you called to care for the ill and disabled? Come and See. Most of the time the patients/residents give back much more that we can give them. It is very rewarding work.
We are very proud of all our graduates.  and their Pass Rate on-line at OSBN Web site for January 2013 to December, 2014 was listed as 95%. Excellent. 









































In caring for the ill and injured, we can see the face of God.


Oregon State Board of Nursing Web Site

Headmaster Testing for Oregon

Click on the Url above to go to that web site or to email us.




We strive to meet each student's academic, emotional, and spiritual needs. However due to so many conflicts of scheduling we now require excellent attendance. Your primary instructors are caring, experienced, and dedicated to allowing you to experience the art, science, and spirit of the Nursing Assistant Vocation.

Early registration is encouraged, classes fill up quickly.   

We hold CNA 2 Acute Care Evening classes monthly for all students. The classes are listed on this site.

Some of the requirements to get into the CNA 2 Acute Care class, you must have a current unencumbered certification in the State of Oregon to practice as a NA I, and you must be up to date on your mmr and HBV vaccines, and chicken-pox vaccine, and TDAP vaccines, and have had a TB Skin test or chest x-ray within the past 2 years.  We will need a copy of your records for vaccines or you will have to have a titer test that shows you have acquired immunity to these diseases, or be vaccinated with a booster shot. You are also encouraged to have your own health insurance. If you recently went through our NA I class, you must make out the paperwork,  will need another criminal background check if it has been more than six months. You will also have to repeat your drug screening, both of these tests must be done at "Any Lab Test Now". We will let you know if it needs to be repeated.

Our class size remains small for NA I and still allows for one on one attention and small group activities, as well as class discussions. We are return taking 10 students per class (limit of 14.) to keep the students pass rate above 85% as required by OSBN. We now have a power point program that is exellent to aid in teaching body systems and common conditions.

 We have the latest instructional DVD's to enhance your lab./skills practice sessions, where you will practice the skills we cover in class. Our lab sessions give you some hands on experience prior to entering the clinical site. 

For NA I you will begin your clinical practice immediately after completing the classroom portion of the program (12 days) and when you have passed the final exam with a grade of 75% or better and passed the required skills in lab. You will have 10 clinical days or 75 hours of clinical practice.
Here you will work alongside experienced CNA Mentors giving basic nursing care to patients/residents under the supervision of your instructor.

Normally our classes fill up quickly so sign up early.  Our paperwork for clinical practice spots at SHMC must be sent in early to the hospital about 1 week prior to beginning of class. Your criminal background check and drug screening must be completed prior to being accepted into our class.  We may be reached by calling (541) 998-1572 Monday-Friday, or by calling (541) 968-4594 after 4 PM. If no answer at either number,  please leave a message and a phone number where you may be reached and we will call back ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you. Please see the following pages for more information including a schedule of classes. If you have any more questions, please email us by clicking on the email address below, and we will get back to you ASAP, or by calling our office at (541) 998-1572.